Invisalign® Grove City | Clear Braces | Straighten & Align Teeth


Invisalign® clear braces are custom-made just for you.


Your Invisalign® clear braces may look like a simple piece of plastic, but they’re really not. 

And, by wearing them regularly, your teeth will move to create the smile you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Simone and Dr. Lowe are specially trained to develop and implement an Invisalign® treatment plan for you or your teenager.

At The Grove City Center for Dentistry, your Invisalign® treatment will consist of a series of aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. Each aligner is individually created with your exact specifications and is designed to shift your teeth into place over time.

The Invisalign® Treatment Process at The Grove City Center for Dentistry

During your initial consultation, Dr. Simone and Dr. Lowe will discuss any cosmetic concerns you may have about your teeth and smile. If you are a candidate for Invisalign®, we will create a treatment plan that is developed with your goals in mind.

Then, we will take digital images of your mouth and teeth to show you their current position and their ideal position after Invisalign® treatment.

Customized aligners will be created for you to wear at each stage of your treatment. A full treatment may include several aligners per arch, but the total number of aligners will depend on each patient’s individual situation.

Am I a candidate for Invisalign®?

During your consultation with Dr. Simone or Dr. Lowe, we will consider several factors to determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign® treatment. We will look at:

  • The overall health of your teeth and gums.
  • The type of dental work you may need.

Invisalign® can correct many dental issues, but it cannot correct everything that traditional braces can. Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and gapped teeth are best addressed with Invisalign® aligners. However, if you need to correct an overbite or underbite, we will refer you to an orthodontist who can help you with this issue.

How often should I wear my Invisalign® aligners?

You should wear your aligners at least 22 hours per day, with the exception of eating and drinking, in order to complete your treatment in the timeline we’ve determined. You’ll come in for occasional checkups, to monitor your progress and to receive your next set of aligners. During the entire treatment process, you will see your teeth gradually move into place. And, your smile will develop into something you will be proud of.

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