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Trusted Pediatric Dentist in Grove City, OH

Your search for a trusted pediatric dentist in Grove City, OH, ends here with Grove City Center for Dentistry. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Lowe and Dr. Simone, is passionate about delivering comprehensive dental care with a gentle, personalized approach for every child. Our commitment to your child’s smile goes beyond standard dentistry – we prioritize comfort, prevention, and education to empower children for lifelong oral health. 

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Our Pediatric Dental Services in Grove City, OH

At the heart of our efforts at Grove City Center for Dentistry lies the broad spectrum of pediatric dental services we provide. We pledge to offer outstanding dental care for your child in a gentle, professional, and friendly environment.

Preventive Dentistry

We adhere to the principle that preventive care is the cornerstone of healthy teeth and gums. Our preventive dentistry services aim to thwart potential dental problems before they take root:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry services in Grove City, OH, aim to boost your child’s confidence while promoting oral health:

Restorative Dentistry

We take immense pride in our preventive efforts but understand that dental issues can occasionally arise. When they do, our restorative dentistry services are ready to restore your child’s oral health and smile:

Sedation Dentistry for Anxiety

The dental chair can sometimes seem intimidating to our young patients. We are deeply empathetic to this, and to ensure your child’s comfort and ease of mind during their visits, we offer a range of safe and effective sedation dentistry services. Sedation dentistry alleviates any anxiety they may feel, making their dental visits a more pleasant experience.

Why Choose Grove City Center for Dentistry

Grove City Center for Dentistry stands as a beacon of compassionate, knowledgeable, and sincere treatment in pediatric dentistry. Our approach weaves a seamless tapestry of comprehensive oral care that begins in infancy and continues into adulthood.

Compassionate and Knowledgeable Treatment

Our staff’s genuine passion for children’s dental health, combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience, fuels our exceptional care. This enables us to create a warm, welcoming environment that makes each visit a pleasant experience for your child.

Cultivating Comfort and Confidence in Oral Hygiene

At Grove City Center for Dentistry, our comprehensive family dental practice intertwines education, convenience, and comfort principles. We are dedicated to empowering children with proper oral hygiene knowledge while providing a familiar and reassuring environment, making each dental visit a pleasant experience. 

Developing Lifelong Relationships

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Grove City Center for Dentistry is the possibility of building a lifelong relationship. As your child grows, our dental team will be there at every stage, providing personalized care that evolves with their needs.

Driven by Excellence: Our Expertise, Technology, and Passion for Patient Care

The Grove City Center for Dentistry’s commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our practice. It starts with Dr. Simone and Dr. Lowe’s extensive training and professional experience. As seasoned professionals in pediatric dentistry, they continually stay abreast of the latest advancements in dental care to provide the best possible services to our patients.

Our practice is further enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, enabling us to offer cutting-edge procedures and treatments. From digital radiography for accurate diagnoses to advanced treatments for various dental issues, we leverage modern technology to improve patient outcomes and comfort.

Above all, the fuel that drives our excellence is our team’s passion for patient care. Every team member, from the front desk to the dental chair, shares an unwavering commitment to making our patients feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for at every dental appointment. 

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Your search for trusted pediatric dentists in Grove City, OH, ends at Grove City Center for Dentistry. Providing comprehensive pediatric dental care rooted in professionalism, compassion, and expertise, we are your partners in ensuring your child’s oral health. Our seasoned team, led by Dr. Simone and Dr. Lowe are dedicated to creating a comfortable, anxiety-free environment that makes dental visits a positive experience for your child.

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Grove Pediatric Dentistry FAQs

The American Dental Association (ADA) advises that children brush their baby teeth twice daily, typically in the morning and before bedtime. Each brushing session should last for about two to three minutes.

Observe these guidelines when brushing your teeth:

  • Positioning: Find a comfortable setup for both you and your child. This could mean having your child sit on your lap, facing away from you, their head resting against your body, and their chin cradled in your hand.

  • Cleaning: From this position, thoroughly clean each tooth along the gum line. Use small circular motions to brush the teeth’ inside and outside surfaces.

  • Brushing the Chewing Surfaces: Brush the chewing surfaces of the teeth back and forth.

  • Duration: Each brushing session should last approximately two minutes.

  • Post-Brushing: Instruct your child to spit out the toothpaste without rinsing with water to allow the remaining fluoride to continue protecting their teeth.

  • Patience: While teaching your child the importance of brushing, it’s crucial not to force them. Let them take their time and make the process enjoyable.

  • Use of Resources: To help make brushing more engaging, consider using educational videos or seek advice from a pediatric dentist.

The ADA recommends using only water for brushing for children under two, unless advised otherwise by a dentist or physician. A pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste is advised for children between the ages of 2 and 6. This small amount is about 0.1 grams or 0.1 milligrams of toothpaste.

Indeed, there are circumstances when a general dentist may refer a child to a pediatric dentist. This usually happens when a child has severe decay, dental anxiety, or special needs that a pediatric dentist is better equipped to handle.