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How to Find The Best Pediatric or Family Dentist in Grove City, OH

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When it comes to your children, how do you find the best pediatric or family dentist in Grove City, OH? 

Many parents wonder if they should take their children to a pediatric dentist or a general family dentist.  It may help to understand the differences when making the decision about the best dentist for your kids.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should see a dentist when the first tooth appears, or no later than his or her first birthday.  Read more about when to take your child to the dentist for the first time.

General Family Dentists Focus on Families – Adults and Children

General family dentists practice dentistry on people of all ages from children to adults.  So, they are experts in all aspects of dentistry and dental care.  General dentists are trained to diagnose and treat dental health issues in children and adults.

Many children feel comforted knowing they are visiting the same dentist as their parents.  General dentists are able to develop a more cohesive relationship with the entire family and are better equipped to treat the family as a whole, identifying habits that may prevent positive oral health, such as drinking juice, eating too much candy, or simply not brushing frequently enough.  At The Grove City Center for Dentistry, we recognize that a family’s lifestyle has a direct impact on each child’s health.  When all families visit their family dentist, we can then counsel families about preventive care and healthy habits for everyone.

Additionally, general family dentists are equipped to treat patients from childhood through adulthood.  This means, that as a child grows into adulthood, he or she can still continue to visit his or her family dentist.  This lifelong relationship with the dentist helps promote better oral and preventive care.

Do general dentists ever refer to pediatric dentists?

Yes. There are many reasons why a dentist may refer your child to a pediatric dentist, including when a child has extreme decay, is especially anxious or frightened, or if there are needs that a pediatric dentist is better suited to fill.

Ultimately, what matters most is how your child reacts to the dentist and the dental experience. At The Grove City Center for Dentistry, we want all children to feel good about visiting the dentist and enjoy learning how to care for their teeth. When children visit our practice, we work hard to make the experience a fun one so they can’t wait to come back. 

Dr. Simone was recently quoted in article about the qualities he looks for in a dental assistant. Read about how those qualities impact the quality of care we provide you and your children. If you have questions about selecting the best pediatric or family dentistry for your child, contact The Grove City Center for Dentistry at 614-875-3141 or [email protected].  We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 

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