Reasons Why to Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth

Reasons Why to Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth

Living with missing teeth is not the ideal situation. Besides needing teeth to chew and process food, your appearance can change drastically with missing teeth. Have you looked into options for replacing missing teeth? 

While some options include a removable retainer or dentures that expose your missing teeth when not in use, you can find more permanent solutions. 

What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are sturdy posts placed in the missing teeth spaces that act as the roots of the teeth. Then a crown is fused to the post and is shaped and colored to look like a natural tooth. Dental implants feel like your natural teeth and are not removable. 

Tooth loss is prevalent due to tooth decay, age, or accidents. It affects over 178 million people. So instead of feeling embarrassed, do something about it. Whether you are advanced in age or have a past of poor oral health, it’s never too late to fix a missing tooth. 

6 Reasons Why to Choose Dental Implants

Take a look in the mirror and imagine what your ideal smile would look like. Even if you have intact teeth that are unsalvageable, you may consider dental implants to replace them. Your choices are endless for cosmetic dentistry and preserving your smile. 

Finding a convenient and worry-free solution to your missing teeth is a huge relief. Instead of hiding your missing teeth, you can have a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful alternative. Take a look at the benefits of dental implants. 

1. Appearance

The first time you walk into a job interview or a teacher meeting, you make an impression with your smile. So, speak without hesitation and smile when you have dental implants to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. In addition, you never have to remove them or feel uncomfortable while eating. 

2. Chewing

Dentures were once a standard replacement option for missing teeth. They were challenging to navigate while chewing meat or vegetables. Dental implants allow you to eat normally and know that the teeth will remain intact. 

3. Confidence

There is nothing better than a shining smile for your confidence. Walk into a room and cheer others up with your smile, showing you are friendly and open to conversation. Conversely, hiding your smile can lead to a loss of confidence and decreased job performance. It’s even hard to make friends when you are worried about missing teeth. 

4. Prevents Teeth Shifting

If you spent thousands of dollars on braces, the last thing you want is shifting teeth that create gaps. Even if your missing tooth is in the back of your mouth where no one can see, it can still affect the alignment of your teeth. The teeth will naturally shift to fill in the gap, causing other cracks where food can get stuck and lead to increased cavities. 

5. Prevents Bone Loss

Learn about the effects of dental implants on preventing bone loss. The bones may shift when a missing tooth occurs to compensate for the missing hole. When a dental implant replaces the missing tooth, the jaw can keep its natural shape. 

6. Mimics Natural Teeth

Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth for your teeth replacement issue. If you’ve had a crown before, you know the crown will be constructed to appear like your own tooth and fit right in with the surrounding tooth. Even down to the color of your teeth, they can blend a crown to look like it belongs. Also, because it is secured to the post, you won’t have to worry about the crown popping off and exposing your missing teeth. 

Choose the Right Dentist for the Job

Most importantly, when choosing dental implants, choose a dentist who will get the job done right. If you have dental anxiety or are hesitant about the procedure, meet with our team to discuss further details about the appointment. You can also Ask to see results from other patients in the office who chose dental implants. 

Once you have the information, you can now make the best decision for your dental health plan. 

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