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Cosmetic Dentist in Obetz, Ohio

Enhance the beauty of your smile with our trusted cosmetic dentist near Obetz, Ohio, at Grove City Center for Dentistry. Whether you want to brighten your smile, straighten your teeth, or boost your overall dental aesthetics, we tailor our services to meet your needs and desires. 

Schedule a consultation and explore our cosmetic dental solutions that can improve your smile and confidence.

Our Cosmetic Treatments near Obetz, OH

At Grove City Center for Dentistry, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments designed to improve and perfect your smile. Each treatment is performed with precision and care by our skilled family dentists, so you can achieve the aesthetic results you desire.

Teeth whitening before and after comparison. Before: Yellowed and stained teeth. After: Bright, white teeth with improved appearance. The image shows a side-by-side view of teeth before and after whitening treatment, demonstrating a noticeable improvement in tooth color and brightness.

Whether you choose in-office treatments for immediate results or prefer the convenience of our take-home kits, our teeth whitening services are tailored to fit your lifestyle and whitening needs. Our safe and effective treatments can remove years of stains and discoloration, giving you a noticeably brighter smile.

Close-up view of dental veneers displayed on a white background. The veneers are thin ceramic shells designed to enhance teeth appearance. Each veneer is uniquely shaped and shaded to fit over individual teeth. The smooth surface and natural color of the veneers are visible in the image.

Porcelain Veneers for a Flawless Smile

Porcelain veneers provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to dental imperfections, such as chips, gaps, and severe discoloration. Custom-made to match the color and contour of your natural teeth, our veneers are crafted from high-quality porcelain that mimics the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth, offering you a flawless and long-lasting smile.

Image depicting a dental bonding procedure using laser technology. The scene shows a dentist using a dental laser to apply bonding material to a tooth surface. The focused laser beam is precisely shaping and hardening the bonding material on the tooth. The dental instrument and laser equipment are visible in the background, with a controlled and precise application process underway.

Dental Bonding and Contouring

For minor cosmetic improvements, dental bonding and contouring are excellent, less invasive options. This treatment can quickly correct chips, cracks, and minor misalignments in your teeth. Using a tooth-colored resin, we can sculpt your teeth into a more desirable shape and polish them to perfection, often within a single visit.

An image of a dentist creating a CEREC crown using traditional dental equipment. The dentist is shaping a ceramic material using a dental drill and tools to craft the crown. The ceramic block and dental instruments are visible on the workspace. The final image shows the completed CEREC crown ready for placement.

Our CEREC® technology streamlines the process of receiving a dental crown. In just one visit, we can design, fabricate, and fit high-quality ceramic crowns, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and temporary crowns. This cutting-edge technology guarantees a perfect fit and a natural look, restoring both function and aesthetics to your teeth.

Image showing a set of Invisalign clear aligners arranged in a sequential order. The aligners are transparent and custom-made to fit over teeth discreetly. Each aligner is slightly different to gradually shift teeth into alignment. The aligners are displayed on a clean, neutral background, highlighting their transparent and flexible nature.

Invisalign® offers a modern approach to teeth straightening with its clear, removable aligners that are virtually invisible. Ideal for adults and teens who want to improve their smile without traditional braces, Invisalign® aligners are custom-made to gradually shift your teeth into place, providing comfort and convenience alongside effective results.

The Benefits of Choosing Our
Cosmetic Dentistry

Choosing Grove City Center for Dentistry for your cosmetic dental needs nrar Obetz, Ohio, brings numerous advantages. In addition to our emergency dental services, discover why our patients trust us to deliver exceptional results and personalized care.

Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams

Whether you desire a brighter, straighter, or more refined smile, our comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments is tailored to meet your specific aspirations. By addressing both aesthetic concerns and functional issues, we help you achieve a smile that boosts your confidence and pride.

Expert Care from Skilled Cosmetic Dentists

Committed to ongoing education and utilizing the latest advancements in dental technology, our renowned cosmetic dentists—Dr. Lowe and Dr. Simone—ensure that you receive the highest standard of care. Their precision and attention to detail mean that every procedure is conducted with the utmost care.

A Commitment to Your Oral Health and Well-being

Our cosmetic treatments are performed with a holistic approach to your overall dental health. This means considering the health of your gums and teeth before recommending any cosmetic procedures. Regular maintenance and thorough assessments are part of our commitment, helping you maintain the aesthetics of your smile and its health for years to come.

Step into Your Future with a Brighter Smile

With our comprehensive range of cosmetic dental services, we can address any aesthetic concerns you may have, making sure your smile is as radiant as it is healthy. 

Let us help you step into your future with a smile that lights up your face and your life—schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Obetz, Ohio, today!


Yes, cosmetic dentists fill cavities to maintain the overall health and appearance of your teeth. While their primary focus is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, they are also fully qualified to perform general dental procedures, including cavity filling. Cosmetic dentists often use tooth-colored fillings (composite resins or porcelain) to maintain a natural look, ensuring that the fillings blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Several cosmetic dentistry options are available to cover bad teeth, depending on the specific issue and the condition of the teeth. Some of the most common treatments include:

  • Veneers: Thin layers of porcelain or composite material that are bonded to the front of the teeth to improve appearance.
  • Crowns: Caps placed over the teeth to restore their shape, size, strength, and appearance.
  • Bonding: A resin applied to teeth to correct imperfections like chips, cracks, or gaps.
  • Dental Implants: Implants are used to replace missing teeth and provide a durable, natural-looking result.

Each of these options offers a way to improve your teeth’ appearance while enhancing function. A consultation with a cosmetic dentist can help determine the best solution for your specific needs.

While all dentists are trained to provide comprehensive oral care and perform dental treatments that maintain the health of your mouth, cosmetic dentists have additional training and expertise in procedures specifically aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth and smile. This includes treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, and orthodontics. While general dentists can perform some cosmetic procedures, a cosmetic dentist is often sought after for their specialized skills and artistic approach to enhancing smiles.